Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some one Stands up ... Finally

Colorado Senator Wants Some Answers from US Capitol Police Chief (link)

Please take a look at an article from Colorado's Daily Sentinal in which their Sen. Wayne Allard (R) step forward demanding a meeting with the US Capitol Police Chief, Phillip Morse, to get some answers as to why Saturday's protestors were allowed to deface government buildings. It has been reported in other news outlets that this was done at the urging of the Chief in which officers begrudginlgy followed his order in which he stated that no protestors were to be arrested or stopped.

This guy may be worth listening to. He goes on to say that remarks made by recently approved Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus asking for an end to "symbolic votes" against Bush's troops surge plan, should be heeded.

I don't know much about this guy, but I am liking him already!

************ UPDATE~ 31 Janurary, 2007 2:15 PM ***********

Just got this in from a reader, this is a C and P of an e-mail from a Vietnamese national now living in the US in support of Senator Allard's call for answers. This was sent to three of the Senator's staffers. Pay close attention to his words as he knows better than any of us. (Note: I am excluding this man's name until I have permission to use it)

Thank you for fighting for law and order in the US Capitol. Please express my appreciation to Senator Allard for standing up for America.

These anti-war protesters are the main reason why we lost Vietnam in 1975. Millions of lives were drowned or raped on the open sea. Millions more died in reeducation camps. Untold numbers of broken families as young Vietnamese girls are currently being sold as sex slaves in China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and other countries, etc.

We came to USA in search of freedom and liberty. Not to see these "Losers" (anti-war protesters).

Enough said.

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bookreader said...

God bless that man. I realize to call him a "real" American is to imply those that spray painted the Capital steps are not...but then...I don't care. I'd take this man over all the code pinko loons anyday. Sorry, that was insulting wasn't it. Again I say...I don't care.