Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why "A Proud Infidel"?

Interesting thing happened on my way to writing this entry. I first went searching for a definition of infidel and found that, although it is an English word, we rarely use the word "infidel" in American English, only as the root of the noun "infidelity". In American English we use other words like "non-believer", "gentile",or possibly even "heathen". But the word "infidel" isn't commonly heard or used in American English.

According to www.dictionary.com, "infidel" can be defined as:infidel

Ok, so now that I have shown off my linguistic prowess, let's get to the heart of it all. The only time we hear the word "infidel" in America is when it is used in the context of a Muslim making reference to a Christian. It is, for all extensive purposes, to put it delicately, a derogatory term. Now, believe it or not, I can understand, but not accept, why someone may hold another's faith against him. I honestly can. But, for all extensive purposes, it would appear that Islam is, simply a religion against Christianity. They get "extra credit" for killing us and some major kudos in their version of Heaven for dying in the act of killing one of us. Now, I don't know about you, but I am starting to get a complex.

For more on this, I recommend, Muslim Paradise

With that said, the above makes me sick to my stomach that all of this, all of the attacks, 9/11, the War on Terror, is all based on the fact that they don't like what we believe or our way of life. Plain and simple, you can add all the layers to this that you want but that is the heart of it all.

Here is the interesting part of my brief research on this topic. As I went about trying to discover how many times the word "infidel" appears in the Koran, I went from on-line search of the Koran to another, literally I went to at least six of them and do you know what results I had? None! That's right every single on-line search of the Koran, gave me either an error message or a "no results" found response. If anyone can find an online search of the Koran that gives you a numerical response to the number of times the word "infidel" appears in the Koran, please pass it along.

Otherwise, I have to wonder why online Koran searches would not want to let us know how many times the word "infidel" is mentioned in their Book. Now, the word "unbeliever",according to one site, appears 120 times. As a way of comparison, in the New International Version of the Bible it appears a whopping seven times. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Growing up, when Mom would try to convince me of something and we would have multiple exchanges on the issue, she would inevitably throw her arms up in the air and say, "You are just like your father!"; to which I would reply, "I consider that a compliment". So, taking that thought to the next level;

I may be an "infidel" but, I am a damn proud one!

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Helga said...

Infidels of the world: unite, that's all I can say. Respect others whatever their colour, religion or political opinion and treat people the way you'd like to be treated. The world would be a better place