Friday, April 13, 2007

The Obvious: Democrats vs. Victory

No Retreat, Baby, No Surrender!

First, let me say, it is good to be back. Although, I cannot promise that I will be posting daily, expect to see more from me. So, I just finished reading today's column by Charles Krauthammer in today's Washington Post.

To summarize, he detailed some of the most significant advances that the early stages of the Surge has to boast thus far. Sunni tribes who have turned their backs on Al-Qaeda being the most significant. He also touched upon the fact that, no matter what positive news comes out of Iraq, the Democrats and the MSM are hell bent on making a mockery of our political system by focusing on finding a political loop hole to end the war. Period.

I will pick up here with something that, many may have already realized, but for me, by reading the aforementioned piece, it became crystal clear to me that the Democrats are not American. What I mean by that is that they do not have a love or a patriotism that runs through the veins of true Americans. They have somehow advanced to such an elite stratum in their political careers that their personal aspirations have ironically succeeded what most likely brought them to political office in the first place, the desire to make America better.

They now have decided that pushing their agenda and stopping a Republican administration are their only two standards. They claim that they are attempting to protect the lives of our troops yet inexplicably have ignored the fact that dying for their country is why they volunteered in the first place. It is painstakingly clear that each and every brave man and woman who signed on the dotted line at their local recruiting station understood that the willingness to give their lives for their country was the prerequisite.

Then we have the likes of my home state's favorite ilk, Hillary Clinton ranting that (and I paraphrase) this administration would like the American people to believe that anyone who stands against this war is unpatriotic. Well, Hill, you are. Allow me to extend my linguistic background to the Hallowed Halls of the Russell Senate Office Building.

n. One who loves, supports, and defends (and fights militarily for) one's country.

(This is a collaboration of various definition that were located at It would also be of interest to note that the antonym of this word is "traitor". So, President Bush's claim that you are either with us or against us, surely applies.)

So, if a patriot is someone who fights for their country, then it would be correct to conclude that anyone who does not support the mission of our military is indeed unpatriotic. Does this mean that the Democrats are unpatriotic? There is another point to consider here and before coming to a conclusion in this brief debate. That point being, Victory vs. Defeat. If the Democrats can say that we have done absolutely everything in our power both politically and militarily and that we have exhausted ALL options in the fight against the insurgency in Iraq, then and only then would the patriotic choice be to bring our men and women home.

We are obviously not even close to that point. Therefore, any Democrat or Republican who votes against providing our Military Forces with everything we can muster to win this war is indeed a traitor.

And the punishment for treason is the very least impeachment.


Matti said...

Groups like the defeatocrats and the anti-war crowds always flip out and act so offended when there is the slightest hint that you might be "questioning" their patriotism. To me, their over-reaction says a lot. Truth is never offended by questions, and it never fears questions. Truth invites questions. Truth has nothing to hide. Last I checked, there wasn't a thing in this world that was beyond question or debate. And however offended it may make them, their beliefs, values and motives are not off that list.

Bottomline, everything they have been championing (immediate pull-out of our forces, disrespect for our President, mistrust of our current administration, a spirit of defeat, the denial of truth, etc.) plays right into our enemies' hands. They don't see or they refuse to acknowledge that there is an Islamic threat not only to America but also globally as well. Unfortunately, because of their stance and their actions, they are now contributing to that threat. They claim we'd all be fine and everything would return to normal if we'd just stop mucking about and making people angry. It's all America's fault. America is the enemy. And if that belief is not unpatriotic, I don't know what is.

Hmm. Sorry to ramble. Your posts have a tendency to make me do that, though. Glad to see you're still posting. The long silence had me wondering.

A Proud Infidel said...

Thanks, Matti!

It always does one's heart good to know that their writing makes others think and have something to say in response. For months I used to think that Pelosi was power hungry, now I fear her stupidity.

On a side note, at your prompting, I found "America Alone" and started reading it. I had to laugh, you are right, he and I write with a very similar style of, shall we say, "charm". Thank you very much for recommending it!


Matti said...

You're welcome, Marc! Honestly though, I should be thanking you. I really appreciate your blog and your posts. They help me articulate my own thoughts more clearly, and that is a really huge gift.

As for Pelosi, don't get me started! ;-) I think she's incredibly power-hungry and incredibly ego-centric. And I fear her stupidity, but I'm also hopeful that ultimately, combined with her narcissism, her stupidity will be her downfall, because those two things are her greatest weaknesses. They've already led her to make several mistakes so far, and I'm surprised no one has really called her to account for them.

The thing about Pelosi is, she's not a strong person. She's powerful, but she's not strong. There's power in her office, but strength is something you yourself have to bring to the table. Pelosi is ravenous for power and prestige; the people are generally the ones who grant that. So Pelosi caters to the loudest people, like the whole anti-war crowd. Strong people generally lead; weak people generally follow. By catering to the public, she follows the public. (And betrays them. I guess Burke was never on her reading list.)

She pretends she's leading. She eggs the people on and gives them nice sound bites, but that's part of a necessary act. You can tell she's following by the way she backpeddles whenever she goes too far and places herself at risk of serious censure. The "Pelosi One" airplane request idiocy is a great example. When she started to look bad publically and when people started to call her on it, she backed down. To the politicians who are followers, poor public opinion and public censure are like choke chains, and they'll do anything to prevent others from realizing they're on the wrong end of the leash.

If the American people as a united whole all said to Pelosi, "No. Stop it. You're wrong. We want this war! And we like Bush!" she would not continue in her current course. In the face of heavy opposition, I don't think she'd have the convictions or the guts. (Doesn't she make an instructive contrast to Bush, though, who despite polls has stayed firm in his stance, however unpopular?) Bottomline, Pelosi's a follower, and she's relying on equally stupid people to guide her. While that endangers our nation, I think that's also where she's most vulnerable.

In her desperate attempts to ingratiate herself with her public, there is the huge potential that she's going to overstep one of these days and truly damage herself politically. I have no idea how badly she'll hurt herself, but hopefully at the very least she'll have to back off. She came pretty darn close after her "diplotmatic" trip to the Middle East, when some people started mentioning the Logan Act. Even the Washington Post had to admit that was a bad move on her part. And I think that public reaction really freaked her out. Her comments about how she was helping Bush and how her "message was President Bush's message" were laughable. Could she have backpeddled any faster? I just hope her stupidity causes HER downfall BEFORE it causes ours. Because I do think the later is a big possibility. Weak and stupid people can still cause a lot of harm.

But now you've got me rambling again. With a single line, no less. :-) Time to put the brain to bed methinks.

Snooper said...

Glad you are back. We have missed you!!

IMPEACH reid!!