Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pat Tillman: The Fame Game

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Yet, I did start a post that I am sure is going to reign down Hell on me but I am going to say what is in my heart, that is what the men and women in the Middle East are risking their lives for after all.

I really have some issues with the Pat Tillman story and how his family, it seems predominantly his father and brother, is handling the details surrounding his death. Read more here. My question to the Tillman Family is this, How do you want Pat remembered? Do you want him remembered as someone who gave his life in the line of duty? As a NFL player who gave up a high paying career to waste his life for an unjust cause? As a hero?

I just can't seem to find an answer as to what this family wants. No matter how many rants they post, how many officers' careers and families are destroyed, none of this is going to bring Pat Tillman back. It seems to me that they simply have a vendetta that will never be satisfied. They want to embarrass the military, the government and the administration at any and all costs. Yet to what end?

It is because of who Pat was before he put on the uniform, his fame, that earned him an 18 month probe conducted by the Department of Defense. Just like John McCain, who because of his father, was the poster child for the POWs during Vietnam, it would seem that Tillman's notoriety is providing his family with much more that the family of a single mom whose only son is still Missing In Action from Vietnam would ever receive. This woman's family couldn't even get the military to go out and look for her son after his capture and still today the decades of lies is so deep and so thick, the family may never get the only thing they truly want; some piece of their loved one to bury and say goodbye. Then, as time passes, a place to go to be with him, to visit him and to talk to him.

It is clear that the Tillman's have gotten much more than just about any other military family could dream of in like circumstances. It is the Fame Game. Might I be so bold as to suggest that the Tillman Family regroup and make an effort to use the public stage that Pat's life has offered them and find a way to make his life mean something; focus on The Pat Tillman Foundation, support gold star military families or dare I say, be thankful that they had a body returned to them to bury and say goodbye. Why not turn around and try to help the not so famous families of those being held in Columbia, the families of those British Sailors held in Iran or even POW/MIA Families of those still unaccounted for.

Those things would make Pat's life mean something and have an everlasting impact far beyond his NFL notoriety ...


Nittacci said...

I've got a comment for you. This story is important because it shows once again how little the current President, and his faith-based policy in Iraq, is able to distinguish between his fantasies and reality. It also shows just how far they'll go to try to convince the 65% of us who realized just how big a failure his War in Iraq and War on Terror have been.

Bush's "Pat Tillman Story" was just another prop for him, just like the "yellow cake" and the aluminum tubes and "mushroom cloud as smoking gun".

It must drive you crazy that Pat Tillman turned out to be a Noam Chomsky-fan, Iraq War-hating, Bush-deranged, dirty hippie like most of us Americans.

Tillman was a hero because he stood up to do what people like you, your President and Vice-President refused to do. Put on a uniform. And he was doubly a hero because he refused to drink the koolaid.

A Proud Infidel said...

Wow! I guess I didn't make my point clearly enough. I was simply trying to say that the Tillman's are getting much more from the USG than the family of an unknown soldier.

It sounds as if Nittacci believes that Tillman was the first man every killed by friendly fire and that his family is was the first one every told a different story.

Appears to be just another person that wants to blame Bush for everything since the the British were thrown out!

Anonymous said...

YO!! Your Moonbat is a little off-centered with ITS intelligence must have skipped the brain party and got a train.

I understood what you stated and agree.

By the way, the Victory Blogroll is up and running.

Anonymous said...

Proud, you're right, your viewpoints are not mainstream, but they are sooo true. The celebrity culture in America is so out of control, a moron like Sean Penn gets a megaphone to blast his hate of the country that's given him all he has. Good post.

Anonymous said...


Go here and figure it out or just contact Miss Beth!