Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pelosi's Honeymoon is over .... Thank God!

E. J. Dionne, Jr. at the Washington Post has a great piece yesterday, "Testing Time for Democrats". It is truly worth the read. He strikes on something that I suggested a while back, the honeymoon is over for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has been extremely quiet these past few weeks since the Senate put the kibosh on her attempt to give the White House a congressional raspberry and single handedly put an end to the war in Iraq. Well, I think that Nancy was on the receiving end of a sincere reality check and is learning that things in Washington work a little differently at the top and that in order to lead, she must be a true leader. Her odd alliance with Jack Murtha has been quite a bit of smoke and mirrors and he too is realizing that he has to think more realistically if he truly has the troops in mind with his proposed legislation. I think they are both beginning to see the light.

Their power is not omnipotent, it has to be earned.


Poison Pero said...

The House is still solidly in Pelosi's pocket. She may be quite right now, but she will be a force to deal with.......Unfortunately, the House Republicans are almost useless as long as Nancy can maintain party discipline. If she can keep them in line, they'll win every vote in teh house. Like McConnell said, "The House is built for offense."

Luckily, McConnell was also correct about the Senate being "Build for defense."

And if all else fails, I don't think either can muster the votes to override a Bush veto.......At the end of the day, this is the real reality check Nancy's going to have to deal with.

That's assuming Bush has the gusto to use his veto, that is......Which I think (pray) he does.

A Proud Infidel said...

Hey Pero,
I hope my point was clear enough, I sincerely feel that Pelosi is realizing that this isn't going to be the cake walk she was expecting. She is going to have to work harder than she expected. Her goals will not be as easy as wishing them to be.


PS - Glad to have you around

AubreyJ......... said...

She's going to have to work much harder and starting playing to the middle if she is going to accomplish anything. I too think she is getting it...

Yet... look at her today before the cameras on their Iraq plans.

Great Post and Blog.
Keep up the good work...