Friday, March 2, 2007

Duncan Hunter - Moving into the Limelight

Presidential Candidate,Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

NewsMax is reporting that Duncan Hunter is running a "close second" to Rudy Gulliani is a straw poll completed in South Carolina yesterday,more here. I have read up on Hunter, listened to his recent interview with Pundit Radio available here and I like the common non-sensical way he looks at things. He is strong on defense, strong on the border security yet wants illegal treated respectfully as he shows here by his recent firing of his South Carolina advisers for recent comments and actions that do not reflect Hunter's views and ideals. This is the exact kind of leadership action that the Edwards' Campaign should have shown when they allowed their debacle with the hiring of their bloggers become an issue over weeks rather than days.

Another positive for Hunter is that he is a student of Reagan and if anything is going to save us, it is that Reagan-like mentality that America is strong, proud and defiant in the face of any adversary. You can find is campaign website here.

It also appears that many of those at the Conserative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held this weekend in DC are anxious to hear more as his "close second" in the straw poll will most likely peak the interest of those at the Conference. Once can only hope. The fact that the press is already looking at his campaign ads in the hopes of finding campaign finance violations, read here, is a sign that they are at least taking notice of Hunter at this point.

I am going to spend some time today reading with the lefties have to say about him and will try to play devil's advocate in my next post. For now though, I am glad that Hunter is moving closer to center stage.

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