Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: $24.5 billion in pork ...This is fiscal responsibility?

Is it just me? or does this article make you feel like we are living in the Twilight Zone?

The House is scheduled to vote on Thursday on the $124 billion bill, which includes more than $95.5 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The bill also would demand that troops come home before fall 2008 and possibly earlier if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks.

Now, recent articles from the past hour have the total amount of the bill at only $121 billion but regardless, we are looking at some $20 billion in pork added on to this bill. President Bush, if given the opportunity to veto this bill, should simply do so on principle. There is no reason for that much pork to be added to a bill of this magnitude. Some are voting on this bill because of the relief that it would provide for hurricane victims across the country instead of the leading reason, the future of our nation.

I know that may sound melodramatic but I think if we were to ask the 30,000 from The Gathering of Eagles what their opinion would be, then I think we would get a good barometer for whether or not this idea is an exaggeration.

The protesters are truly living in the Twilight Zone as they keep drinking the Koolaid thinking that "no war is good", "war is bad", "give peace a chance". That is all well and good in the abstract but really, I would suggest that one of them get in the face of one of the terrorists and ask them to just sit down and talk. The irrationality of the mindset of both the terrorists and the Code Pink folks is the scariest part of this whole issue. Yet, as I have said before, the Code Pinkers will be the first ones screaming for someone to protect them when these fundamentalist Muslims come knocking.

In honor of Mr. Griffin, my high school history teacher, one needs only to examine the epistemological starting point of this dictomy to realize that logic will not be recognized by either side. One is just as narrow minded as the other. The terrorists see the Code Pinkers as an asset, much like the anti-war ilk of Fonda and Kerry was for the VC during Vietnam. Yet the Code Pinkers look at this issue, dare I say, through rose colored glasses. They don't want to end just this war, they want to end all wars. The naivite of their thinking is in the fact that it is not full circle. They see the end of the war as a victory and cannot look beyond that. They do not, nor does it appear some in Congress, grasp where our nation will be after Iraq ...thankfully, there are others of us who do.

The Silent Majority is silent no more.

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Mark said...

This WHOLE subject gets my blood to boilin'!!!

Morons ALL!!!

Keep preachin'!! One day somebody's gonna hear us!!