Thursday, March 15, 2007

Duncan Hunter, General Pace and reading lessons for Justin Schafer

Justin Schafer is already slinging the mud over at Daily Kosbased on his poor reading of Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter's op-ed piece in USA Today. In reaction to General Pace's comments on gays in the military, Hunter contributed his support of the present status quo on the issue. Hunter's opinion can be summarized in the final sentence of his piece, "Present policy barring open homosexual conduct should be maintained."

Justin needs to work on his reading comprehension skills as Hunter is merely supporting the present "Don't ask, Don't tell Policy" saying that things need to stay as they are. Yet, Schafer felt the need for a nutroot rant;

So people can't live in "close quarters" with others whose behavior they find morally questionable? There is a lot of conservative behavior that I find morally questionable: attacking other countries without provocation; sending troops into battle without training, armor, or proper leave between combat rotations; cutting taxes for the rich while defunding education programs for the poor; allowing pharmaceutical companies to make record profits while healthcare costs for Americans skyrocket; the list goes on. I don't see anyone saying that those people should be banned from the military. Of course, many of the people who do those things managed to avoid serving anyway, so I guess it's a moot point.

That is all nice and sweet, Justin but..

1) No one made reference to having gays quartered separately from heterosexuals.

2) The word "behavior" isn't a political term (see here), it refers to the way an individual (meaning one) person acts or behaves. It has no relationship whatsoever to political policy, it refers to a visible behavior.

3) Then you shot yourself in the foot stating that the fact is moot yet General Pace states, "These moral principles also reflect the position of the predominantly conservative families who send their young men and women to serve in the U.S. military". Take a look at the list of Democratic Candidates for President, how many of them served in the military? Now look at the Republican Candidates ....Does the name Bill Clinton ring a bell?

4) Hunter didn't say they should be banned, you need to learn to read! He said things should stay as they are! Nothing more. Do we need to get you Hooked on Phonics?

5) Like it or not, General Pace and Duncan Hunter both serve or served in the Military, they know what open homosexuality would do to a unit. You don't, like it or not.

And lastly ... regarding your brother-in-law who is in the Air Force, you should be proud of his service yet I would be curious to know when was the last time he was in combat? On the ground with the enemy shooting at him knowing that his life was in the hands of those around him? The USAF is in the air (usually with only 2 in a plane at a time), not on the ground in numbers of 10, 25, 50 or more in direct contact with the enemy. Don't make the USAF, USMC and USA mutually inclusive, it only shows your ignorance about the military.

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Mark said...

The Moron infestation of the political left, the Leftinistra (Armies of the Socialist Liberals), need to be swept aside with an A10.

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