Thursday, March 1, 2007

More disdain for John McCain

Presidential Candidate John McCain

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McCain's roadshow continues. I really have to think that McCain is making up his campaign as he goes along. Announcing on Letterman? Come on! Many of the nation's most seasoned reporters have been regularly asking him about his potential candidacy yet he remained elusive. Then he gives the carrot to David Letterman. What was he trying to say with announcing in that fashion? We have always joked that politics in a cheap form of entertainment but this is truly taking things to a new level.

While on Letterman, as we all know by now, he appears to be attempting to distance himself on the troop surge that he claimed to support by now pulling an Obama and referring to the lives lost in Iraq as "wasted". At the McCain level of politics things are very meticulous and it is difficult to gauge what his motivation was for his performance on Letterman.

It all seemed to backfire on him as he was hoping to have his announcement be the main story in this news cycle but instead it was his use of the word "wasted" that seemed to be the hot topic today. Check out the above links, it appears that since Conservatives have taken strong note of McCain's absence at this weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference, he is attempting to pull something together at the Conference to appease the masses. Sadly, appeasement seems to be his only campaign strategy which will not get him into the White House. The American voter is much smarter today than they were in 2000. Sorry Senator ...

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