Monday, March 12, 2007

Duncan Hunter: Making an Impact at CPAC

Making a Name

I was very happy to see Hot Air post an Interview with Candidate Duncan Hunter. The more I read and hear of this guy, the more optimistic I become about the possibility and hope for the future of this nation that I love so much. I don't mean that to sound clique but, even if it does, it truly is how I feel. This nation, with all its quirks, complaints and flaws is still, bar none, the best thing going on this planet.

Duncan Hunter is articulate with a calming voice; a presence that gives you the impression that this man is ready for the job. His ideals appears to be things that he has spent a life time developing and fine tuning to get him to this point. When I look at all the other candidates in both parties I see politicians, when I look at Duncan Hunter I see a true statesman.

My esteemed colleague from The Victory Caucus, Snooper, over at Take Our Country Back at TownHall is also beginning to see what I see in Duncan Hunter. For Snooper's take on it, visit him here.

Once you are done at Snooper's place, go to The Official Site of Duncan Hunter for US President in 2008 and learn more. Then come back and tell me what you think of Duncan Hunter. I will be anxious to hear your thoughts.

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Mark said...

I sure hope Duncan becomes a real player. I have his credentials on my blog and he sure does meet the requirements of a Reagan Conservative!!