Tuesday, February 6, 2007

God at His Computer: Fun with Amanda Marcotte

I have no self-control. I told myself that since I was relatively new to this blogging thing that I would let the experts have their fun with Amanda Marcotte and just watch from the sidelines. Even after various (see my views here) attempts to engage Amanda in the debate over the Gardasil vaccine controversy in Texas (my comments just never seemed to make it through her moderation process), I still decided to back off. Then, I checked our Pablo’s post at Protein Wisdom, was just LMAO and decided to throw caution to the wind.

Let’s play voyeur for a moment and imagine Amanda writing her first entries for the John Edwards '08 Campaign. Thanking God - oops - god for the back button vs. White Out because she would have gone through 2 bottles of the stuff by now having to erase all the four letter nouns, verbs, adjectives, as well as progressive and past participles.

Fast-Forward a day or two and Ms. Feminista is sitting in front of her computer getting text messages from a frantic Chris Clarke telling her to check her inbox, all those (fill in your favorite pejorative adjective) Conservatives are attacking her in the blogoshere. Amanda just brushes it off, “Hum, they are just jealous, that’s all!” she says to herself. Then continues on with the uber exciting entry on Edwards’ Heathcare plan. Curiosity takes over and she checks the inbox and starts reading what the warmongers have to say. She tells herself again, “green with envy is what those motherf***ers are.” “Oops! Did I say that word outloud? OMg, I hope no one heard me!”

That evening at home she decides to check the blogs to see if there is anything more out there. More expletives fly out of her mouth and once her tirade is over she slowly leans back on her couch and the realization that she has screwed herself royally begins to come into focus. She decides to do some CYA, grabs her laptop and heads over to Pandagon.Net and becomes her own revisionist. Alas in the throws of her clintonesque activity, in her flurry she forgets about the dreaded Google Cache. (Did she learn nothing from Linda Clarke and Monica Lewinsky???)

The days go by she acts like not a thing is going on as she passes every one at work, all smiles as the people huddled by the water cooler suddenly become awkwardly quiet as she walks by. “Just brush it off”, she tells herself. That night she falls apart on the phone with her boyfriend, tears and all, asking him how people can be so mean. She had arrived and was going to be at the forefront and was going to make a name for herself. These people are ruining her life, how could they?

Tuesday morning, sensing that her days are numbered she decides to keep a low profile in the hopes that it will all blow over yet, every time someone says, “Amanda, do you have a minute?” her heart falls into her stomach. OMg is this it?

Moral: Who ever said God didn’t have a sense of humor?

UPDATE:Thurs. 2/8
This topic is all over the blogoshere and I really like what Armed Liberal says over at www.WindsOfChange.net. Some rational thoughs without all of the drama. Must Read

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