Thursday, February 8, 2007

Life in Upstate NY

Notice the Yellow Ribbon ~ still hanging tough

The phone has been ringing off the wall this morning with many people asking about our welfare here as news of the hard-hitting lake effect snowstorm has made national news. First, thank you to all who have been concerned. Here in the Syracuse Area it isn't bad at all to be honest, as you can see by the picture above that I just took out of my front window. Just some snow and not much accumulation. It is darn cold though but I'm not complaining as many of my family and close friends are in those areas that are making the national news, some 20 to 30 miles north of here. My hometown, well actually the entire county, is in a state of emergency and no travel is allowed in or out of the city. I have been on the phone with my aunts and uncles who still live there and I am very concerned about them. They are in their early 70's and the snow is now at over 5 feet with more coming over night. Their street hasn't even been plowed yet and they need to get out to get perscriptions filled and etc. They are, for all extensive purposes, prisoners in their own home with anywhere from one to two feet more expected .....obviously a story in progress.

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